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  • How quickly do you respond to an eGift Card deal Inquiry?
    We respond within 24 hours. Sometimes you hear back from us within minutes. Other times within a few hours. Our team members work around the clock to match your eGift Card deals and try to add an extra 3 or 4% extra discount to them. Once, our team members approve the match and the extra discount, you will receive all the new deal details in a separate email with instructions on what to do in order to claim your extra discount. Very simple instructions. No membership required, No hidden fees, No extra fees. No third-party links. Only simple steps to follow in order to get linked to the lowest discounted eGift Cards of your choice.
  • I liked the savings; How often can I purchase with you? And how much can I save?
    You can purchase with us anytime you like as long as we can match your deal and are able to give you an extra discount. No memberships required, no hidden fees, no extra fees. Just simple discounts: $100-$7=$93. Through us the $93 becomes $90 or an $89 every time we can match your deal and give you the extra discount. If your brand name "XYZW" eGift Card is discounted 12% and your online search gives you a deal to pay $88 on a $100 worth. Then, through us, simple math makes the deal (if we can match it) $85 or even $84 every time you purchase through us. And if you are buying a $500 worth of that "XYZW" of that eGift Card, then through us, you might end up paying $420 instead of your online search engine deal of 12% and $440 on a $500 worth. Our customers save an average of $200 a year through the extra 3 or 4 % discounts we give on top of the original discount. Some save more per year depending on the frequency of their purchases and the understanding of the supply and demand Gift Card market. For instance, one of our regular customers purchased her Christmas eGift Cards way in advance in the down season during the month of May and saved an extra $230 in addition to the average $200 she usually saves with us for a total savings of $430 a year! She made amazing decisions & deals.
  • What is a coupon/gift card market?
    It is market governed like any other market by supply and demand. For instance, in the fall season and before the holidays the demand for "savings coupons/gift cards" is very high, and the discounts are not as hot as they are in the down seasons. In the winter season and after the holidays the demand is low and the supply of available "savings coupons/gift cards" is very high which makes it the perfect time to grab the best deals and maximize the savings.
  • Will the link to Savings Coupons and/or eGift Cards expire?
    Many of the big-name retailers offer Electronic and physical gift cards that never expire. Some expire in 2, 5 or 10 years. Our support team is daily checking the expiration date on our discounted links of E-Gift Cards to guarantee our customer purchasing experience's satisfaction. We will never offer links to E-Gift Cards if they expire within 3 months. Our policy is to offer links that never expire, expire within 10, 5, 2, 1 year or within more than 3 months of purchase. The savings coupons have a shorter life; therefore, we only offer links to coupons that expire within more than 2 months of purchase. Most offered eGift Cards never expire. If we ever offer an eGift Card that expires in a year, 2 or five years, the customer will be immediately notified since all purchases are final.
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